The Hypnosis of Dr. Julian
Just Imagine...
Being captivated as someone from the audience sings the Martian national anthem and another one translates!
Hearing the hysterical laughter as you witness the first pregnant man deliver his baby!
The hilarity as a no-nonsense Drill Sergeant inspects his new  recruits!
The thrill of watching the Human Seat Belt protect his passengers!     
The amazement of seeing adults turn into 8 year old school children!
The satisfaction of knowing you have provided your audience with the most
dynamic, funny and  entertaining experience they have ever had!
Care and Respect
The stage hypnosis of Dr. Julian is something to behold! His extensive education, experience and special skills ensure that subjects are treated with care and respect, providing them with an experience "unlike anything they have ever had before".
As a bonus, each show participant is "rewarded" with a therapeutic post hypnotic suggestion that will address any personal goal they have (such as ending a smoking habit, losing weight, or improving their golf game). This extraordinary concern he demonstrates for his subjects, as well as his always tasteful presentation,  increases the subject's desire and willingness to participate enabling Dr. Julian to elicit talents that that even the volunteers did not know they had! The result: incredibly  hilarious performances that defy belief and have audiences of all ages laughing till it hurts!
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